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WebMail Pro allows users to access their e-mail accounts directly from broswer. Viewing email securely, easy message composing and sending with multi-attachment support, Folders, DHTML editor, SPAM filters, handy contacts management (Address Book), multiple POP3/SMTP/IMAP4 servers access along with here for more

A high performance POP3 component enables ASP/ VB/ VC++/ C#/ VB.NET/ ASP.NET or other COM environment applications to retrieve email from mail server based on POP3 protocol and parse email based on MIME. ANPOP Object supports all operations. It also provides advanced features such as retrieve here for more

IMAP client component for reading and managing email and folders on an IMAP server. Supports S/MIME signed and encrypted email. Supports SSL IMAP. Full set of mailbox management features for adding, deleting, and renaming mailboxes. Easy to manage mail item flags for "seen", "draft& here for more

Complete fully-functional interactive program/website. Automated Member Signup, Confirmation Email and Welcome Email. Automated Member Password Recovery, Crediting and Cancellation. Automated Advertiser Signup, Confirmation Email and Welcome Email. Automated Advertiser Password Recovery and here for more

Web based email application - will run on your shared hosting account no need to have dedicated server - you can say clone of yahoo mail system almost all features that hotmail provides Mail you like have . You can also send and receive email using outlook and pop3 clients plus you will get here for more

MailBee SSL is a plugin object which can be easily attached to core MailBee`s objects such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4. Once attached, the plugin forces these objects to communicate in SSL/TLS mode. The plugin also supports custom user certificates and stores, server certificate validation, connections here for more

MailBee SMTP object is an easy to use component for creating and sending e-mail messages. It supports creating both plain-text and html-formatted messages with attachments and inline objects (including automatic alternative body creation, automatic scanning and adding attachments for specified html here for more

MailBee Objects is a set of powerful and easy to use COM objects which will enable your application or web page to reliably and securely send, receive and manage Internet mails via SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. MailBee Objects provide support for secure authentication, background processing, here for more

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