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MailBee POP3 allows you to write e-mail managing and retrieving engine in just a few seconds. It supports secure authentication to POP3 server, partial retrieval of the messages, determining message sizes without downloading message headers, deleting messages, parsing and decoding messages into here for more

A high performance Windows-based secure Internet mail server software and GroupWare Server, supporting unlimited users, unlimited domains, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, HTTP, LDAP, ODBC protocols, on-server virus scanning, on-server spam filtering, web mail accounts and much more here for more

Merak Webmail Server Software provides secure anytime, anywhere email access, Spam management, Auto-responders, Calendaring, Tasking, Shared Address via any here for more

Unilabplus` eMarketing solution: I-campaign is the only Web-based eMarketing solution focused entirely on increasing sales. With our online software you are able to have the following: *Personalized HTML email newsletter. *Send out unlimited amount of emails without any cost. *Click through here for more

Online Web email which allows for sending and receiving of emails... now allows for attachment functionality, sending html emails, saving emails viewing emails, multiple mailboxes support all brought to you by <a href=http://www.xperior.c></a > here for more

A 100% pure classic ASP Email Campaign Manager and autoresponder that runs on your website. Professional features. 15 Custom Fields + 10 standard. Highly customizable. Supports several email components. Double opt-in list. Sophisticated signup form generator. Make everything blend 100% with your here for more

Incorporate email send (SMTP/ESMTP/Direct Mail Relay) into your application or script. Arclab Email Toolbox is a COM-based component for use with Visual Basic, Visual C++, Access, Excel, ASP, VBscript and other COM compatible here for more

Allows users to post to a form and get the contents in an email. You can specify recipient, recipient name, sender, sender name, subject, message. There are also options for how the confirmation page is show and for sending the email in HTML format. See readme.txt for more details. Version 2 brings here for more

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