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AspEcard is a dynamic electronic postcard system that will create interest and drive traffic to your Website. You create your own categories and images or use ours. Your site visitors will love sending the electronic postcards to their friends and associates and their friends and associates will here for more

My Mail Application is an ASP Webmail client new application which will make email management and business communications manageable and here for more

sends a formatted email - makes the data more readable easily add new input fields, just add to HTML form and these will be sent - no code changes required to the ASP code checks all fields are completed, if not then returns to an error.html page on success returns to a thankyou.html page uses four here for more

A simple ASP script which allows the user to change their POP password from a here for more

Email Enable your application or process. MailListBot is available as a COM object or EXE for integration with your ASP, VB, Java, or C++ application. Features include: Multiple file attachments, sending to an unlimited number of "To:", "CC:", or "BCC:" recipients by here for more

This is an easy program that allows you to plug in an email address, message and what date you wanted reminded on. On that date you`ll receive that message. Great for community pages and just for yourself. It runs on Access database and the script is barebones for easy implementation on your here for more

Convert a Web page to EML or MHT in one line of code. Simply provide the URL, and Chilkat MHT constructs the EML (or MHT) and embeds all the necessary images and styles sheets. Integrates with Chilkat`s mail components, and its open architecture allows it to work with other email components or here for more

A POP3/SMTP client component packed with advanced features including: full S/MIME capability, MHTML, multipart/alternative, multipart/related, attachments, advanced AES encryption, charset conversion, Outlook integration, progress monitoring, import EML, import/export XML, mail-merge, distribution here for more

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