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Create web site forms, contact lists, polls, fight spam mining tools and more, all the while utilizing nothing more than a web browser. AIT`s Form Builder will guide you through the process of selecting the type form you want to build, the fields to include, and this tool will even provide the HTML here for more

Submitting PDF forms via email has never been easier. Using the simplicity found in the popular FormMail script, formGenie allows developers to control who the form is sent to, what the email subject,message and what confirmation page to display to the here for more

Either use the for provided by Byrd Development or Just send the proper variables to the Script and it will take care of the rest. No programming required and Form Customization is quick and here for more

These VbScript classes are for server-side deployment and make the creation of web forms (textboxes, comboboxes, radiobuttons, etc) simple, and the processing of information supplied by web forms easier. Includes VbScript for uploading files via a web page, even if your host doesn`t have an upload here for more

This free utility enables you to create form-to-email scripts for your ASP, PHP or Perl web site with no programming skills needed. Simply choose the options and field names for your contact form, then download the HTML for the contact form, and the ASP, PHP or PERL response script, that are here for more

Now you can validate just like ASP.NET with bot blocking. Add this code to any ASP form and users will see a series of numbers that are graphics (so bots cannot read them as text and automatically process your forms). The user enters the required information on the form incluing the numbers shown here for more

The following ASP code will allow you to Count through all form field names and values posted to this script. It can be easily adapted to make simple feedback form mailers, where this code allows any new forms fields to be automatically picked up and included in the here for more

*Formmail.asp processes a form to email, a form to database or both.<br> *Easily customized actions based on switches set in the form.<br> *This is a secured form to email script that keeps your site from being used as an open relay (by a spammer). *One script does it here for more

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