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NetLogin Lite is a simple application that will allow you to password protect any page. It can be used to secure sensitive areas or individual pages, or for sites that need single username and here for more

ClanMan ASP Login is a small program that allows secure protection for your entire website. Some of the features: Unlimited security levels, Encrypted Passwords that can be on or off, Email verification, Cookie support, Full support of here for more

ASP LanuchPad allows you to have a global authentication system for your website, and protect any no. of pages on your website. Elegant forms and error displays. Uses advanced session time techniques to give accuracy upto 3 milliseconds for timeout timings. Classes allow you to get user info, query here for more

The Stealth License Kit is a COM component designed to aid developers in the license management of their applications. The kit is mainly comprised of two COM classes: the License Key Generator and License Key Manager. The License Key Manager accepts both static license keys and license keys created here for more

This is a bare minimum ASP page protector. There is one password to protect unlimited secure pages. It is intended to protect admin pages that are only supposed to be viewed by the webmaster. Written in ASP and Javascript; compact, clean code - no DB, password stored in config file. The login page here for more

Mod_Auth is an ISAPI Authentication filter that makes it possible for webmasters hosting their sites on IIS to password protect directories without the need to create windows here for more

Updated! - My ASP Page Lock is an easy and fast way to restrict access to any page in your site. Completely idiot proof, you should have no trouble installing and using it within a matter of minutes. Uses only one password, no database required. "Securely locks any webpage with one line of SSI here for more

AuthentiX100 is an essential tool for website access management. It provides form-based or 100% cookie-free "Basic Authentication" website protection that keeps your NT Users Names and Passwords private. AuthentiX100 allows up to 100 users and 2 groups (internal database only). AuthentiX here for more

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