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Easily protect ASP pages from those that you don`t want to have access. Able to create unlimited security levels, redirecting those with incorrect access levels to different here for more

This Login System uses cookies. Comes with admin area for adding and removing users. Also comes with lost password form to automaticaly email it to the user. Quick and easy here for more

Login system complete with admin area and lost password retrieval via email. Password protect all or part of your site in under ten minutes. Well documented and easy to follow setup here for more

Several users using one and the same account? Hackers stealing and posting your passwords? Secure your website with WebLoginPRO - the first secure professional single login application with Computer Activation here for more

Protectit Pro is an ASP based user management system that allows you to easily manage users and their access. Any pages you want to protect simply need one server side include at the top of the page. It is 100% ASP and no DLL required. Supports unlimited users, email notifications, password here for more

ASPSecured is a security management system for ASP pages and applications made easy. NO dll`s to install. User and group management, account expiration / deactivation, automated user signup, tracking, forgot your password, and mass e-mail are only a few of the features. Session variables of logged here for more

AspID is a dynamic password system with Web-based administration. It is designed for Webmasters who want to control entry into certain Web Pages on their site. AspID runs on your Windows NT/2K Server and uses Active Server Pages with a MS Access 2K here for more

SiteSecurity provides user authentication and management for Internet and Intranet websites running on Internet Information Server (4.0+). All user information is stored in an ODBC database (Access, SQL Server, MySQL). Website users are kept separate from network users, resulting in a more secure here for more

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