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Pulls Moreover Technologies`s XML newsfeeds, caches the XML file for a specified time period, and displays the news on your site. Output is fully customizable....click here for more

ASP, VB script for grabing full shoutcast server history stats....click here for more

This component simply gets the latest quote in a comma delineated format or as XML. It can also generate the image tags or URLs to display a 1 day, 5 day, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 year or 5 year chart. The charts also come in two sizes depending on which method you use....click here for more

This ASP script will allow yo to grab the weather information from www.wunderground.com for a US zip code and display the info on your Web page....click here for more

This ASP stock quote crawler component allows you to enter stock symbols and scroll the current quotes. It can fetch stock quotes around the world....click here for more

The Grab Stock Lite is an ActiveX DLL that allows you retrieve real-time stock quotes around the world in your ASP pages. It retrieves stock quotes and can be easily processed by your ASP pages either stand-alone or as an include. For given stock symbols, it returns the Last Trade, Change, etc. dire...click here for more

cASPer.GrabPage allows a web page to capture and extract the contents of another web page. A great way to mine data or repackage content. Includes a powerful text processor that lets you define a page format that extracts data to a simple data structure for easy use....click here for more

This is a customizable XML generator for stock quotes usining ASP, XML, and COM. It retrieves the currect quotes of given stocks, and creates a simple XML file containing the info....click here for more

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