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Getter is a component designed to dynamically retrieve text from the Internet to your ASP page or to your VB program. It is very simple, smart, and supports proxie servers....click here for more

DataSnag is a collection of classes to assist developers to retrieve, then manipulate, display or copy data automatically from remote web pages for display within your page or even capturing HTML tables directly outputting to an ODBC data source for later retrieval....click here for more

WebDigger allows a developer to not only retrieve documents but also to drill into them, making it an ideal component for stock quotes and price checkers. Because WebDigger works by looking for an element block inside of a page, it can also handle XML tags....click here for more

Many developers would like to be able to grab documents on other servers in an easy way. The WebGet component is written specifically for this purpose allowing developers to grab information from other servers. WebGet can retrieve components over HTTP using the GET methods....click here for more

You want to tear web pages from other servers using ASP script and don`t want to pay for the component? Then here`s the solution for you. AspTear features: Supports GET and POST, Send query strings and POST data to the server, Access HTTP and HTTPS resources, and Log in to secured sites with usernam...click here for more

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