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Small ASP driven admin script that allows webmasters to get information about users. Allows the webmaster to add or delete sites. Script includes the following features: Total Hits, Today`s/Yesterday`s Hits, Browser Types...click here for more

StatMentor is a totally free visitor statistics script written entirely in ASP. It logs number of visitors, number of pageviews per page, referers. Somewhat advanced show stats function, where you can see stats for just a single day or summarized for many days. No Access database (just simple text f...click here for more

ASP Ground is Large Database website Listing Free Web Traffic Analysis scripts, php tutorials, php-mysql tutorials, other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more ....click here for more

StatCounteX is a web site statistics collecting and reporting application written in pure ASP. It collects data from the visitors of your site and stores it into an Access database. Being a lot more powerful than a simple page counter, StatCounteX features detailed access statistics using ASP and an...click here for more

ASP Sheriff allows you to watch and see what they see and log a visitors`s activity upon request. See a list of active sessions on your website and view what they view as they browse through your website. ASP Sheriff can even enable you to watch users from within a LAN with fast session switching. Y...click here for more

Lets you view any log file in a folder(s) you setup in a config file. Very easy to follow. UPDATED : Now lets you view more than one applications directory. Displays a more information about the file you are viewing and better code and text formatting...click here for more

AJHit is a silent hit counter with an option to display a text counter on your page. Also has the ability to limit records displayed to a certain date. This free, easy to install, easy to use hit tracking script reads the IP of the person visiting your page and records this along with the date and t...click here for more

With GeoIP you can detect where your visitors are coming from. You can use this information to deliver personalized information, reducing credit card fraud, analyzing web server logs, target banner ads, etc....click here for more

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