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Online multiple calendars / venues solution for businesses, community groups, clubs or schools, that need more than one web based calendar. (Unlimited number of calendars can be built via admin menu.) Internet or intranet visitors can group & merge a selection of calendars (if not marked here for more

The ASP version of server-side-clock.php, this recursive function tells the date on the server that it is being served from. On loading, it calculates the difference between the client and server times. It then uses that difference to keep itself here for more

Organise your week with agenda-calendar.asp. All you have to do is initialize the variables at the beginning of the script, and you`re set. This is the ASP version of agenda-calendar.php. Agenda Calendar was written to provide a unique look for each month of the year. To change this, you must edit here for more

Web based calendar that looks and feels like a desktop application. Full recurring event support, new email notifications, allow or not allow double booking, NEW printing interface, NEW color schemes, better LCID support and much more! here for more

This calendar script is very easy to modify or add database events. It is the root of a larger calendar system. Basic HTML, & ASP knowledge. Script uses VBscript date here for more

The Ocean12 ASP Calendar Manager is written entirely in ASP and VBScript. It stores data in an Access 2000 database and is configured 100% through the web browser, which means an easy installation here for more

Just like countdown-clock.js, this script allows you to place countdown clocks on your web site. Unlike that one, whose computed time period depends on the settings of the visitor`s computer, this script counts down to the server`s date. It is very similar to countdown-clock.js, with the addition here for more

Html editor for Event description |Archiv | Registeration & login system|Month View & Week view |Small calendar view linked to events|Search events|Mail/Batch Mail| Mail new/updated events to all/ selected users |User Details|Private and Public Events|Retrieve forgotten Password| here for more

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