Hotel Reservation SystemReal-time Reservations for Your Existing Web site, You have a website but you don`t have an online booking system integrated with ... You know ....

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  • Jul 22, 2005
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  • Real-time Reservations for Your Existing Web site, You have a website but you don`t have an online booking system integrated with ... You know ...Customers on the Internet want and need to book reservations immediately, without picking up the phone or waiting for an e-mail reply. For individual properties, representation companies, hotel groups and chains with existing Web sites, we also offer a full booking engine integrated with your website. All what you need to do is to insert a link or a piece of code into your website Visitors Features: - First time visitor Could select hotels by Availability , by Area , By Stars Rating or he could see the whole list of hotels. Beside these we could add also Last Minute Hotels availability check. The visitor have also access to: hotel description,hotel policy,facilities,offers, pictures,maps,reviews,roo ms descriptions Client Features: - He already made a booking and is registered in the systemThe same access like the visitors and in plus: Could give a review to the hotel where he stayed Could cancell a booking (When he cancel a booking the hotel owner receive automatically an email alert) View his voucher/s (Click Here to see a Test Voucher) Hotel Manager: He has at least one hotel included in the system Access to his private Management area where: add hotel name , star rating , manager name , email address for bookings,address of the hotel , area, hotel policy, ... add/delete facilities for his hotel add/edit Rooms descriptions add/edit/delete unlimited hotel pictures add/edit/delete unlimited special offers add/edit/delete unlimited hotel maps calendar availability - Easy way to see his monthly availability Bulk update availability USER FRIENDLY View all bookings details Search bookings Booking Statistics Change password Increased security - All the time when someone login in the system using his credentials he get an email with all the details (IP address , refer , browser ...) SSL Shared Certificate - all sensible information are cripted in the database (cc numbers and passwords) He receive an alert email when the client book or cancel a room. Manager of the system: The big administrator of the hotel reservation website Quite all the options which the hotel manager have and in plus: Could edit, delete, add bookings Advanced search in the database Advanced Booking Statistics : Financial, Payment status, Booking Status, Client who must to be billed Edit all the information`s for the hotel managers Add new hotels in the system Export bookings in excel,word,XML Cript/decript information`s Newsletter system (in development)
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