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Users can add new entries, update their latest entry, and view other users entries, admin can ban users and delete unwanted messages, the script log ip numbers incase of abuse, and a mail is mailed with either jmail or cdonts to the admin when someone adds a message.. The script uses ASP, Access and...click here for more

This guestbook comes ready to use. Just upload it to the directory you want and give the proper permissions and you are set. Also included a css style sheet for easy modification....click here for more

Take phone messages for your office or business. Message System collects contact numbers of all incoming calls, stores and organizes archived messages for quick and easy searching. Check your messages and access your contact list anywhere in the world. •> Stop searching through memo pads and ...click here for more

A ready to run discussion forum application featuring: WYSIWYG post editor, web based setup/admin, animated emoticons, avatar gallery, skins, email notify, private messenger, on-line configuration, signatures, per forum security settings, unlimited member groups, ladder system, password protect foru...click here for more

This ASP script will allow you to calculate your grade point average on the web easily. It is very simple to install, and can be used on any school website. All students with 4-8 classes can plug in the letter grades and receive their GPA....click here for more

Site Search Pro 2.0 is comprehensive search script. It’s intended to provide complete, customizable, effective and fully-functional site search for any type of web site. • PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, FLASH files support • INDEXING SCHEDULE • DESTINATION RULES • MULTIPLE WEB SITES INDEXING • FULL DETAILED ST...click here for more

Main Page with links to the Themes and showing the latest entries. Name, eMail and Comment in a Forum of your choice. Admin area for editing end deleting of entries and for deleting or adding Themes. Most Settings are made within the file "config.asp" which can be edited online. HTML is no...click here for more

MailerPro is a full featured but simple to operate and install mailing list program. Only one line to change in one file, the rest of the configuration done through the Admin Set-up. Enabled for Access, MS SQL and MY SQL. MailerPro has been designed to keep it simple but powerful, with a full set of...click here for more

Dacycare, school, family childcare online access software...click here for more

Puntex Classic® is a complete Internet management and delivery platform for operating a P2P (Person-to-Person) betting exchange. Puntex Classic® handles all standard and special bet types to run a successful Internet Person-to-Person betting exchange. On a dedicated installation, the system is capab...click here for more

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