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SiteDynamic Instant website is a cost efficient, fast and easy pre-built website. SiteDynamic generates real pages (database independent). Only the admin area uses a database, thus making it completely ressourceless. Search engines and spiders will crawl all your website pages for an optimal here for more

Contemplate is a free, open source web templating system that allows writers, front-end developers, and web programmers to focus on what they do best. It`s available in PHP, ASP, or Perl, and each version uses identical content and template formats so you can easily move sites from one platform to here for more

LIKI (LimitedWIKI) is a WIKI like application for creating and maintaining web pages through collaboration, but with the restrictions missing from traditional WIKI. Accounts, restrictions and permissions are integrated throughout. Built using ASP 3.0 on the front with Access here for more

Content Management - Review Edition. A content management system solution based on ASP, IIS, and MS Access. All site settings are easily customized with a config file. Change all site titles, colors, headings in seconds. This content management edition is setup as a movie review site. Includes a here for more

The "Printer Friendly" version select the main content of your page, removing the menu, header graphics, advertising and foot content. The script performs the HTTP "get" method via the XMLHTTP object to retrieve the page to be printed. Using the XMLHTTP object instead of here for more

A complete real estate management software package. Completely web-based, set site colors, titles and layout in seconds. Features user signup, listing creation, printable listings, image uploads with thumbnail creation, user management, site statistics, and mortgage calculator. Create and update here for more

an Affordable CMS, all-in-one web content management solution for building & managing small to large websites. Features: easy to use "one-page-style" interface, unlimited sitemap level, multiple templates, WYSIWYG editor, checkin/checkout, archiving, versioning, here for more

An easy to use ASP-based content management news system. Mulitple login levels, news expiration dates and many more features. Uses MS Access database. Content management systems help increase freshness of your sites content by makeing it easy to update. Free license under the here for more

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