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Of the shop by the student of urban Stedelijke Nijverheids- & Taalleergangen it was devised. That is nothing else then ordinary test surroundings for a further large design. There is sold nothing on these pages. Someone who has interest with which had been generated of the shop in script. here for more Admin is an ASP based MySQL database administration program. Built with the Windows web host in mind, this system makes using a MySQL database on a Windows shared web hosting system easy and efficient. Currently at version 4.11, this current release is available as a free here for more

access2asp is a conversion tool for access databases that converts your db to clean, commented pro asp / code. It produces a `front end` and an `admin` section with ability to view,search,add, edit and delete. Also produces a pure asp image library and WYSIWYG editor for memo fields allowing here for more

ecDBTable is an ASP class library for MS Access database table display. This product was designed to allow for the easy, flexible creation of advanced table layouts. Web site developers can use this product to create virtually any style of data display and navigation for their MS Access data here for more

For a dynamic web application developer, who needs create recordsets from multiple tables and is not an SQL expert, MX Query Builder is the tool that allows table relation management, automating SQL query generation. Unlike other tools, MX Query Builder manages tables, relations and conditions for here for more

Add feature rich database searching on your ASP web site! You can choose between four ways of searching: any word, all words, phrase or boolean search expression with AND, OR and NOT keywords. It supports searching with standard SQL that works with any database and also MS SQL Full Text Search for here for more

AxpDB is a component for ASP that allows you to display and EDIT your database tables or queries with almost no coding. Publish tables or queries from Access, MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase or any other ADO enabled database. User can sort on any column, page through the recordset or go to detailed form here for more

I designed this database to help me keep track of the growing inventory in my IT shop. It allows for searching by any of the fields in the database, and also lets you configure your own container numbering system, location names, etc. It runs on any webserver that supports ASP. Version two now here for more

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