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Professional Query Manager is a grafic design grid to create or modify an SQL statement for Select query. Support for Join Tables, group query and extended criteria. This extension work with ASP and PHP pages It work like MS ACCESS with some small differences in the here for more

New lower price... Web-based SQL server management. The only web-based product that can display the last T-SQL command running within the process. Easily view the current SQL Server log, kill nuissance processes, and view database usage. Nag free demo here for more

Use your databases over the web, modify both data and structure, pure ASP, no components.Supports Access, SQL Server and ODBC. New in 0.8: Compilation of cool contributions, TDC for IE, export to Excel and XML, web enabled here for more here for more

Use the SQL injection tool for the easy identification and safe removal of injected data such as XSS (cross site scripting) and other threats to your data from SQL injection here for more

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