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The Following code will print out the date so that it`s in a long date format including the appropriate suffix - i.e st, nd, rd. Here`s the code in action: Thursday 12th May here for more

This script contains two functions (Leap Year Capable): First will check to validate a date value passed as a parameters. Second will check to validate two dates entered and compare/check first occurs before the second. Functions will return a blank string if the Date(s) is/are valid. They will here for more

Give visitors to your site a way look up the time and date in any time zone, worldwide. Hundreds of countries and locations listed. Clock is hosted and maintained by, displayed on your site through a short asp here for more

StrongCube Tools Component helps you to format your number and date/time into VB style formatting routine. You can easily format your number into #,##0.00 or your date/time into dd/mm/ here for more

ECS DateTime is a server-side component that can be used to access NTP Servers. It can be implemented on ASP pages or from any other COM enabled here for more

This script opens a popup window with a clock in digit(.gifs). You can click on set Alarm and get a form to set the here for more

Displaying the date last modified is a simple thing to do. All it takes is calling up the ol File Scripting Object and there you have it! The last modified date, dynamically. Every time the file is modified this info is written into the file. The FSO knows just how to read that for here for more

Based around the functionality of the PHP date() function, it returns date and time information in a format based upon arguments it is fed. Essentially, it takes one date string/object and transforms it to a different format. The ASP FormatDateTime function is extremely limited. This provides an here for more

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