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DypsXSL let you create native Microsoft Excel on the fly and does not require that Microsoft Office be installed on the server, so it can deliver documents faster without the performance penalties and instability associated with instantiating multiple copies of the Excel objects on a Web server. Dyp...click here for more

Excel database is a robust, simple to use, affordable and runs anytime, anyway application that is suitable for all organizations and individual owners. Building on top of the technology that runs the popular Microsoft Office Excel platform, the Excel database application with added functionalities ...click here for more

Generate a dynamic excel file online from an Access database...click here for more

SoftArtisans ExcelWriter creates, modifies, and generates native Excel on the Web from existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, script, templates, or any data source. With ExcelWriter, Microsoft Excel is not required on the server, so Web applications have licensing flexibility, ease of deployment, an...click here for more

Application for commercial and financial documents entry and consulting in unplugged mode. Documents search. Tree presentation of the commercial documents. Local generation of the reports corresponding to the created electronic documents....click here for more

Quickly insert MIME Type for Excel or Word on your ASP page. These are nothing fancy, just simple shortcuts to change the MIME Type or Response.ContentType in your ASP page. Doing so will load the page in a Web browser as an Excel or Word document. The user can then save the document as Excel or Wor...click here for more

GenerateXLS is an ASP script that generates an Excel (XLS) file from a database. It is Copyrighted and is distributed under the GNU Public License....click here for more

Excel Spreadsheet Loader is an Active Server PagesTM (ASP) component that loads (imports) Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into your custom ASP applications. Features include: Load Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets via copy-and-paste, Preview Mode, Customizable cell validation, Add your own header and footer...click here for more

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