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WS-ULTRALIGHT streams all your MP3 in your Web site. Needs ASP 3.0. WS-ULTRALIGHT works with FileSystemObject that lists all the MP3 located in a specific forlder f your website, or in a distant folder(ie:htto://www0). So the mp3 name is passed in a string and a swf file reads it. This reader is ult...click here for more

WS-MP3 (flash MP3 reader) is especially intended to stream your MP3 in your Web site. WS-MP3 supports unlimited MP3. - Extract the files in a directory of your Web site - Open the asp file (MP3_player_A.asp OR MP3_player_B.asp) with a text editor. Files can be renamed. - Edit the MP3 player settings...click here for more

Flashblocks CMS is a Flash content management system that is powerful yet simple to use. Edit content directly in your Flash site. Dynamic image insertion - crop, resize, stretch to fit edit areas, Text Editor - multilingual Rich Text, Modules gallery, mp3 player email, Paypal, and more. drag &...click here for more

SWF Scout is an ActiveX library for SWF flash movies generation from Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, ASP and ASP.NET Even existing SWF flash movies can be used as templates to create new flash movies. Main features: Ability to create SWF (flash) files without any additional libraries/appl...click here for more

GetPriceQuote will instantly calculate the quote as per the values set by you for different combinations of the products you sell then display / email that quote to the visitor on your site. GetPriceQuote.com helps your clients make a buying decision which ultimately is beneficial to your sales. No ...click here for more

Flash Form is a form with flash animation background. It allow your site visitors to send you their info and messages via email. Sample server side scripts (PHP and ASP) are included....click here for more

FusionCharts is a Flash based animated charting solution meant for the web. It renders "realistic looking" dynamic graphs and provides all the customization options. It adds a new dimension to graphing by following the "just copy done" philosophy....click here for more

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