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Free ASP Guestbook is an easy to use web-based content management guestbook. Simple to install and use. Multiple language support. Easy to integrate into your website. Allow or disallow HTML in your guestbook. 100% Free and open source under the here for more

Guesbook is a free open source guestbook.Simply download it and unzip it and upload it into the root directory of your server.It is working now.Smilies support it also added in this version.Admin can disable or enable HTML support.Admin section is also here for more

This is a simple brinkster compatible project made with ASP and *.mdb. You can add guestbook entry, program submission, site submission. Admin can handle all the delete, update and new record here for more

This is a very attractive simple but yet nicely arranged. Messages from the form is saved into an access database for storage. It can only be run on a server with ASP capability, best choice here for more

It features: Simple admin control that allows the admin to moderate or delete unwanted postings. Script logs all IP addresses. Allows the user to post the images of any NFL team included by just clicking on them. Display a stamp with date and time of posting, email and web site of poster. Simply here for more

Uguestbook includes:Toolbar to add emoticons and formatted text to the messages; Message archive;Notify via email to the administrator the publication of new message;Icq Messanger; Password protected control system; Edit/delete messages ;Add/delete bad words; On-line configuration; Multilanguage here for more

Our Guestbook Application is easy to use and has some Features: Name, eMail, Homepage and Comment, eMail to Visitor and Owner (adjustable, uses JMail Component), Admin area for editing and deleting of entries and adding comments to entries, HTML not allowed, MS Access-2000 Database (DSN-less here for more

This free Guestbook comes ready to run and simple to set up and has many features including, animated emoticons, on-line setup, email notification of new comments, IP logging, anti-spam settings, check comments before displaying, password protected admin area, delete or ammend comments, ajustable here for more

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