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Users can add new entries, update their latest entry, and view other users entries, admin can ban users and delete unwanted messages, the script log ip numbers incase of abuse, and a mail is mailed with either jmail or cdonts to the admin when someone adds a message.. The script uses ASP, Access here for more

guestbook application that allows users to leave comments on your Web site. It comes with password protected Web-based administration area where you can manage and configure the here for more

Powerful guestbook script that uses Access 2000 DB (no DNS needed). Also includes an admin function to delete entries. English and German `How to install` file here for more

ASP guestbook script featuring: multi-language, customizable here for more

This guestbook comes ready to use. Just upload it to the directory you want and give the proper permissions and you are set. Also included a css style sheet for easy here for more

Freeware ASP script for Guestbook / Forum use. Setup, admin pannel, customizable color/effect/mail, send a message to a friends, upload files with a message, reply to the message, statistic, info on users, search, Xp icons style, and more other. Written in here for more

ASP/Access-based guestbook script that sends an email for each entry to the admin and the submitter via CDONTS or ASPMail.IP-Filter, Smileys, Adminaccount and more. Written only in here for more

This script uses File System Object to write entries to a text file. New entries appear at the top. No need for here for more

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