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Access 2000 driven guestbook. Features: Emoticons, password protected admin area, easy to customize with stylesheet. 2.0 update: Admin can now answer messages, ban IP, add bad words, select language (Swedish and English) and add new here for more

This is an ASP guestbook that uses a text file to store posts. It doesn`t have heaps of features like some PHP and MYSQL supported guestbooks, but it does provide advanced auto-page generation, administration functions, etc. This script is very suitable if your server doesn`t support databases, etc here for more

A simple database-driven guestbook application. Allows users to post comments about stuff, which is immediately displayed on the site. The code cuts out HTML, inserts line breaks, and chops words longer than 30 characters (to stop deliberate attempts at messing up the layout). Displays a set amount here for more

dhtmlBook is an eye-catching Guest Book that is radically different. Its simplicity and superior load time combined with its cool dHTML interface gives it that extra edge. Use it to spice up your here for more

A simple yet nice guestbook solution, using an Access DB, includes an admin here for more

A well designed guestbook based on ASP and Access database. Features: admin, reply, and delete here for more

Signit Pro is a powerful guestbook script, based on asp/access2000. Full ASP source code included and no DLL required. Easy to customize, online manage by password protected admin field, advanced search and paging, private message. No knowledge of programming necessary when here for more

tcGuestBook is a ASP/Flash/Access-based GuestBook program that comes with 2 different skins and instructions to add your own custom (Flash) skins. One of these skins is a metaphor of a real guest book with paging animations. You`ll be able to delete/edit entries online. Code: ASP 2.0 & VBScript here for more

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