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Written entirely in ASP and VBScript, The Ocean12 ASP Guestbook Manager is a completely web-based, easy to install, ASP Guestbook Program. It stores data in an Access 2000 database and is configured 100% through the web browser, which means an easy installation here for more

This is a guestbook script created with Macromedia`s Dreamweaver Ultradev. It is currently in beta stage but works here for more

This is an Access97/2000 driven ASP guestbook program with Web interface to customize the look and settings. Still in development but fully functional and updatable to future here for more

myGuestBk is a traditional guestbook script that uses Access database to store data. It features page navigation, and ability to delete the here for more

This is a free, easy-to-use guestbook. Main features are: message text formatting (bold text, urls etc.); inserting smiles as icons; web-based administration; and email notifications about new posts. Also html output is optimized to maximize download here for more

ASP Power-Book is a full-featured guest book program. It includes 9 user-defined input fields that can be titled individually, activated and defined as required-field. T number of entries per page, which can be switched by drop down a menu. The email address and the homepage URL is checked for the here for more

Simple Guest Book is a ActiveX component (DLL) that allows a web developer to design a guest book Active Server Page application using this component. Simple Guest Book component logs guest information to a pre-defined text format file with the extention SGB. It has new features like optional bad here for more

gASPbook is an ASP-based guestbook program that works without any other components. Features: Full HTML support, Use of cascading stylesheets, Uses a simple flatfile, Hot links - gASPbook will automatically convert email and homepage addresses to links, Auto-fill - If a field is left blank, here for more

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