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This ASP program allows you to dynamically create a guestbook application and add interactivity to any web site. The comments archive is an Access 97 Database. The application consists of: An HTML page containing the form to be signed; An ASP page dedicated to insert the data from the form in the here for more

This is a simple ASP guestbook script. It features: Database support not needed, Easy to administrate, and Easy to here for more

This is an Access database-driven basic guestbook script. It is easy to use, supports HTML, and features a nice background here for more

If you are interested in collecting information and comments from the users of your site then you need a GuestBook for your site. DevASP GuestBook will give you the ability to capture and store information entered by visitors on your site. It features: Stores the data in an Access database, It here for more

This is a simple guestbook program that takes a user`s input gets, writes to a text file with HTML code wrapped around it and show the comments by including the text file into the script. It also allows you to delete all comments at the first load of the page after midnight or to empty it here for more

ASP EZ-GuestBook Lite is a simple ASP GuestBook script that does not require any components. It can be used on its own, without any other installations. ASP EZ-GuestBook can be easily configured and designed around your web site. ASP EZ-GuestBook is also backwards compatible with the popular Perl here for more

Features include: Ability to Cycle through messages in an increment that you can easily change to any value you like, Forward and Previous Buttons are dynamically created on the fly and only show up when appropriate, Easily customized since it is simple ASP written with Visual Interdev 1 and here for more

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