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an unlimited Number of galleries. Create as many galleries as you want on flight! - an unlimited Number of pictures by galleries. - Delivered multilingual English/French. You can add custum languages by editing the file _ params.asp. - Options of the administration panel: . Access administration by here for more

This script pulls random images from multiple random directories, and then dynamically resizes the image using AspJpeg, then outputs the random image to your here for more

Automatically create thumbnails with all images from given folders, with autoresize. Images are opened in a pop-up window whit theyr original size by a mouse click. Add to your web site the capability to list your image collection. Features: Images autoresize Pop up window shows the full size image here for more

EZGallery is installable from the browser and requires no knowledge of HTML or ASP. Admin has full control of the gallery, being able to edit all galleries and images and suspend or delete members. Admin can set the number of galleries per user and has a maintenance mode for clean up. The public here for more

PictureIt! allows you to add a simple gallery to your site so that visitors can see your images. No Database required, No Upload component required, Automatically shows all images in a set directory, Slideshow of images for your homepage here for more

Free Image Gallery - A free simple one page asp script to easily create a nice image gallery with captions. Simple place the asp script in a directory with folders containing pictures to create your gallery. Also can add captions to pictures by simply placing a captions text file in each here for more

Imager Gallery is an ASP based webbgallery that is really easy to setup using a webbased interface. It supports most major Image/Upload components avaible and support for more is added on request. You can upload your images directly to the gallery via your browser and the script handles the rest! here for more

Simple ASP script to publish your pictures into the Internet in the easiest and quickest way possible. It uses the filesystem object to create a dynamic HTML images album with the pictures found in the folder(s) and subfolders specified, working in a recursive way. It has a XML based comment system here for more

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