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Google just came out with their new API for their cool google maps. Everyone has encountered the problem with first needing to geoencode their address to get longitude and latitude before passing to Google. This server side vbscript utlizes a free Geocoding site to get the longitude and latitude bef...click here for more

String Creator is and On-Line tool that turns your HTML/JavaScript code to the typical Response.Write for your ASP, generates functions and/or parameters in VbScript code and construct your SQL consults! It creates VbScript code quickly!...click here for more

Accepts: Any numeric value. Returns: The same number, correctly rounded to the number of significant digits specified. Works for negative numbers, whole numbers, decimals, and for numbers smaller than 1. Example 1: Given 1234567890.1 and specifying 3 significant digits, would return 1230000000 (1.23...click here for more

Tarot Cards reading Script in ASP code. Enhance your Tarot Reading by adding a free online tarot reading script to your Website. Upload your tarot cards and show their meaning to your website visitors....click here for more

This function calculates the latitude and longitude coordinates from Vertical and Horizontal (V&H) coordinates. V&H`s are used to identify locations and hence relative distances between network elements and between rate centers listed in AreaCodeWorld(tm) Gold Edition. This sample code is pr...click here for more

This is ASP script to enable lookup of country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ISP and domain name from IP address by using IP2Location database. Free sample database available at http://www.ip2location.co m. The script supports several database types such as Microsoft Access, MS SQL and mySQL. ...click here for more

Axml Editor is an online WYSIWYG html editor using IE MSHTML editing platform. This editor has advanced features that let you create html pages in minutes. If you want to build a newsletter or a web-publishing content website, this is the perfect choice for you. This editor has an easy-to-use image-...click here for more

This script uses the ascii values of the characters of the logged on username and adds it a number generated using the date difference in seconds between the current date and 1980-01-01....click here for more

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