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Pure asp source viewing script with asp & html syntax color highlighting, optional line highlighting, and optional keyword highlighting. Shows line numbers, and has a select all button. Excellent source viewing script if I dont say so myself. Excellent for sharing those open source projects...click here for more

photo gallery, messenger, chat room, manage own profile, search with basic, advance and match finder. read and send email and lots more . Admin can manage users, can select the payment gateways, can make different mbership option like basic, premier e.t.c 40 payment gateway added, More stable chat, ...click here for more

IxbRewrite is an ISAPI filter that allows you to manipulate/rewrite a request header on the fly using a JScript/VBScript scriptlet....click here for more

Although it looks kind of plain, our movie guide comes packed with features. We have left out most of the design except for a few minor tweaks. Most people like to have the script match their site so this makes for an easier tack....click here for more

HiLiteR is a new approach to the "view source" utilities by adding extensible syntax highlighting features. Although HiLiteR is not an IDE, it gives you the ability to highlight your code for publication. The parsing and hiliting engine might be used for different programming languages wit...click here for more

This useful re-usable function enables you to effectively schedule a task in an ASP application. The scheduled task is in the form of any ASP function. The scheduled function actually runs the first time after the specified time period that a visitor browses to the ASP page. If the Application is re...click here for more

This is an object based Check Browser. Use the file as an include (no .dll) and get the browser details by accessing the object properties. Script is updated for multipe Browser Agents like Mozilla variants, IE, Opera, Safari and more ......click here for more

Easy to use syntax highlighter. Supports 14 source types and all highlightning is done using CSS classes. Made using SynEdit, an opensource highlighter library....click here for more

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