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NBDesign’s On-Line Cookbook Pro ASP is a “complete” cookbook program and comes with full design so you can use right away. The configuration is set by adjusting one file. This would include the ability to require visitors to register by turning that feature to “On” or allowing everyone to post a rec...click here for more

A way to reward certain website members with scrtips or other private downloads. Upload ability was added into v2.0 with ASP Upload....click here for more

CreaName is a free tool created by Infoscripts.com, helping you find a name for your new company, product, internet domain... The admin control panel let you add, modify and delete words in the system. Moreover you will have the possibility to customize the text colors and background colors....click here for more

You may parse meta names from your site or an external url. Script can display title, description and keywords of selected page. Script is freeware and can be used freely in your projects....click here for more

The PositionInQuotes function returns true or false depending on whether the position in the string you pass into it is between a pair of apostrophes or not. Useful if you`re doing any sort of SQL statement validation etc...click here for more

XSoundMan is a customizable website for Bands and Musicians that includes areas for News, The Band, The Crew, Past & Present Shows/Events, Music (Discography w/Microsoft Streaming Media and up to 75 songs), Reviews and more. XSoundMan starts at $29.95/month. http://www.purgweb.com for info....click here for more

This demo shows the way to lookup ISP handler name by using IP address. This example required an external database in ACCESS for reference. Full database can be subscribed in CSV format. You can use this example for you following projects: Display native language and currency; Redirect based on coun...click here for more

Simple ActiveX control for converting text from one charset to another. Supports all western languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Cyrillic, Ukraine, Greek, Turkish, Icelandic, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and more. Conversion to/from Unicode i...click here for more

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