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An advanced voting booth/poll management program written entirely in ASP/VBScript. Features automatic zoning and template features for easy maintenance....click here for more

The ASP Poll Manager is created to set MULTIPLE SURVEYS on your site. You can set which survey/poll is active and display it in your webpage. Edit,Delete,include one file to DYNAMICALLY display a survey which you have choosen to set on the admin area. Has an option to limit votes by IP or Session. C...click here for more

An easy and complete tool for managing an on line database driven petition. FEATURES - Easy install. - Easy to customize. - Written in ASP and VBScript. - ACCESS 2000, Microsoft SQL or mySQL database driven. - Unlimited number of signatures. - Double check of petition signers e-mail address. - Signa...click here for more

Inexpensive, and instant information...because results are stored in an online database and shown dynamically. * Poll Pro allows your website visitors to vote on the current online poll. They can view the results of the current poll dynamically (including their own vote). Or, they can view the resul...click here for more

Powerful yet simple voting application which includes full web-based administration, completely customizable and easy to integrate into your website. Compatible with both SQL Server & MS Access databases. Takes up just a little space on your website....click here for more

Counting System provide webmaster a easy way to create a vote and push the vote to webpage. Easy to use, Easy to Manage, Easy to modify and Easy to purchase....click here for more

This poll system allows you to manage your poll through a password-protected online control panel. The voting form is an ASP include and can be included on several pages in the same directory. No database is required....click here for more

Site Survey allows you to quickly and easily create a professional survey or customer feedback questionnaire for your web site. Requires a Windows server with ASP and the ability to use an Access database....click here for more

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