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PollPro provides seamless and simple integration into your existing website with one line of code. Create unlimited number of polls, with unlimited number of options per poll. Graphical output of poll results and archived polls. Fully customize the look and settings of your polls. Set and change vot...click here for more

Poll In Flash. Host a live survey on your site and have visitors vote on your site. Works on windows server. Visitors can choose to vote for one of the options created by you. Use it on as many sites you want. Web Based Visitor survey in flash Allow admin to change the questions by Web based admin c...click here for more

ASPSurvey is an ASP database-driven survey application. It is used to allow web sites to create and administer online surveys. Keep in mind these are not the little polls you see on many web sites with one question and several answers to choose from. These are actual surveys with multiple questions/...click here for more

Using the MSXML3 parse and ASP, MegaVote allows you to create voting forms with multiple categories on your website. You can also host multiple voting forms off of the same ASP pages. Example included....click here for more

EZ-Web Poll is an easy to use, fully customizable online poll application. It comes with an online maintenance script to easily add/update your polls as well as view and analyze the results. After the user votes, results are displayed graphically to the user. Prevents a user from voting twice. No lo...click here for more

Collect feedback easily with the OR-Mega XCAST system. Features include: unlimited PURE html templates, unlimited polls, unlimited questions, unlimited answers, dynamic filtering, cross tabbing, email polls, image polling, email invites, excel export, xml importexport, MS SQL and Access supported, a...click here for more

This an ASP/Access-based poll manager. Enter Poll Question and 3 options, and the poll is updated instanly. There is also a page for the admin to see hits on every poll, as well the two pages that the poll takes place....click here for more

Lundlay ASP Script Poll is a web-based Poll. Features: real-time online results, Full administration control of each poll group, Repeat voting protection (by Cookies or/and IP-addresses), More than one poll at the same time on the same server allows to view the poll statistics, easy to customize, et...click here for more

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