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AspWebSurv is a dynamic polling system that will create polls and let you gather valuable information about what your Site visitors think. Includes the ability to prevent multiple voting by same visitor using IP tracking. Web Browser management of all functions and design elements. FTP and FrontPage...click here for more

Free ASP Voting system with Access database. Features include Web-based Admin to select active polls, add new polls. Customizable. Dreamweaver friendly....click here for more

DUpics, a Picture Voting app. allows users to upload their own pictures and have others vote from 1 to 10: Dreamweaver friendly; Ulimited picture upload; View all pictures and sorted by votes; Complete Web-based Admin panel....click here for more

A voting engine that supports unlimited number of questions with unlimited number of answers. Plug & Play, easy to install and to configure. Codes are designed in 2-tier structure, allows customization and enhancements to be made easily without massive code changes. License allows you to use and...click here for more

Find out what your website visitors need, want, or just get an idea of what they are thinking.Place a poll on your site and all the answers come to you as ez-as-1-2-3! Interchangeable Skins, Unlimited Polls, Multiple Users, Graphical Stats Page and more....click here for more

Create professional polls and surveys in minutes with this ready to run Out-Of-The Box poll management solution. There are no DLL`s to install on the server.Absolute Poll Manager runs with both MS Access and SQL Server databases. Also includes the ability to export data to MS Excel, supports 6 types...click here for more

Ultimate Survey ASP is an advanced, flexible, and affordable web based survey application. Features foun nowhere else, include conditions, matrix questions, scoring, 3D charts & graphs, scoring, email functionality, built in or NT domain security, and much more. Used by major organizations world...click here for more

Pretty Poll includes 4 programs: Pretty Poll - the actual survey program; Answer Adjuster - to change the number of answers; Text Adjuster - to change the text of the question and answers; Vote Adjuster - to change the number of votes for each answer....click here for more

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