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Batsy Poll is a simple poll script with admin panel (panel starts only on localhost)....click here for more

A script generator that prompts you for a question and the possible responses to the question. After submitting the form you will get a parsonalized script with your question and answers. Votes are saved to files (all folders and files are created automatically), so no database is required. Just a s...click here for more

A completely customizable poll script. Web based admin for customizing poll and changing poll questions. Version 2.0.1 fixed minor database bug. Runs exremely smooth. Admin page makes tailoring to your site a breeze....click here for more

Surveyor(TM) is a web based survey application that enables you to produce and publish surveys and questionnaires on the Internet or your intranet in minutes. You create, publish, and manage your surveys through a standard web browser. No need for cumbersome installations on client computers. Survey...click here for more

Online Poll Management is a set of scripts to provide a simple, flexible and easy maintain online survey management system for any web sites. Includes the admin scripts to allow you to add/edit/delete polls and manage poll questionnaire through browser. Features the ability to let visitors view the ...click here for more

Polly (ASP) is an ASP-based dynamic polling system. It features: Unlimited creation of polls, with start and end date; Full management control through a web interface; Full control over the colors, graph images, start date and end date of a poll; and Multiple polls can be placed at the same time on ...click here for more

SimpleVote is a simple ASP voting system that uses Access database to store the voting data. The results are displayed in graphical bar chart. Written in German....click here for more

This free Weekly Poll script comes ready to run with each line of code commented to make customisation easier. Poll results are shown in a bar chart with links to prvious polls. You can easilly add to your homepage with one line of code....click here for more

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