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Lots of people have polls on their home page all of a sudden so once again we figured we`d write one for you. This is an easy to use ASP script that uses an Access database, and includes the "view results without voting" feature....click here for more

Mypoll is a simple ASP based poll survey application using Access database to store data. This version features: Users can vote only once, and Very easy to maintain (que. and ans. stored in the db access file)....click here for more

This is an easy to use ASP-based poll application. It features: Dynamic generation of polls, Administration for poll creation with 2 to 6 possible answers choices, Any number of Polls can be created and the last poll created will be enabled automatically, Session cookie settings for avoiding multipl...click here for more

This application can handle an unlimited amount of polls which are stored in a database. Each poll or survey can have up to 5 possible answers although this can be changed easily. Currently coded to allow users to only vote in one survey per session. When this page is displayed, a random survey is s...click here for more

Polling users is a useful and popular feature on many websites and sometimes you need a database to accurately track the results. Also, to help ensure against "ballot stuffing" the IP address of the user is gathered as they enter their choice. This example also takes the users input and di...click here for more

PollCat Polls lets you conduct an unlimited number of single question polls on your IIS 4/5 or Windows 95/98 Personal Web Server. PollCat works for all Web Browsers and will even remember the user`s last vote to minimize ballot stuffing. Key features include: Automatic Script Installation (NT / 2000...click here for more

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