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Features: Member login, Blog Archive (calendar,categories, etc), Comments, Toolbar to add formatted text, Upload image/file, Polls, RSS Feed, On-line configuration (CSS), Email configuration (a wide range of email components), Multilanguage support, Anti-spam settings, Amend/Remove blogs or here for more

A new version of SimpleBlog. It is very easy to install and maintain, has an included comments system, calendar, multiple users/authors and archives. New: RSS support. Some of the features: - Very easy setup - Easy to use admin interface with multiple users/authors - Included comments system with here for more

Free (under GPL modified) weblog/photoblog and CMS platform to share your content online without technical skill. Fast setup, WYSIWYG editor, user comments, email notification, IP tracking, calendar, charts, polls, template editing (the standard one is XHTML/CSS compliant) and much more. Code from here for more

Bloggage is an open source comprehensive Blog system written in ASP and MS Access. It is a new generation fusion of blogging and homepage. It is made for those who currently keep separate homepages and blogs and find it difficult to maintain both. Anyone can use bloggage with ease. It has many here for more

With this script you can host the blog on your own server and modify the script as you want.... Very simple to use. Just one file to be edited. Easy to edit, publish and use. New Features: 1. Perma-link for blog entries. 2. A full featured Admin for deleting and editing blog entries and comments. here for more

nanopress is a brand new, full-featured ASP blogging application that`s cost-effective and easy to use. Features include unlimited number of blogs, unlimited number of bloggers, 3 levels of access, scheduled posting, entry tagging, pure script upload of images and other documents, WYSIWYG editor, here for more

Download 10 of the best open source blog software packages. All available in one open source blog software megamix here for more

This ASP source code is capable of requesting an RSS file from a remote server (only HTTP) and parse the returned XML-file into easy to manage here for more

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