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Generate images with number to make a CAPTCHA test. No image files and components requires. Supports unlimited background and text color. Compatible with all browsers. Always 5,38KB BMP image. Only 10,7KB ASP script file. Includes simple image distortion here for more

HTML scrambler is free ASP code to protect your HTML code by scrambling it. It is extremely handy for hiding email addresses and making HTML invisible. The code can simply be included in any ASP file and any HTML can then be scrambled with the encSource() here for more

Firewall your site against Bad Bots, Copieres, Downloaders, Offline Browsers and Email Harvresters. Allows you to ban visitors based on their user-agent. Sets a trap to illegal spiders and sends you an email alert / logs them to a here for more

Make ASP generated web content available only to you! This is the ASP version of login.php. isLogged() returns true if the cookies named UserName and PassWord are the same as the variables UserName and PassWord, the first 2 paramters of the function. If not, it displays the content of LogInPage, here for more

This powerful application written completely in ASP and Access 2000 Database is a must have tool to pretect your pages based on IPs. You can ban single IP Addresses through a friendly web interface that allows you to view, edit, delete and add IP Addresses to your banned here for more

When you sign up for a Web-based e-mail account,the site displays a small rectangular graphic containing a short word obscured.As part of the account registration,you are asked to type the word in an adjacent box. DypsAntiSpam is nearly free can provide you the same functionality on your website ! here for more

Don`t spend over $100 on an encryption utility. This COM-accessible full-featured encryption library supports all of the .NET encryption types because it`s made in .NET. Use it from: ASP, VB 6, VC++, Visual FoxPro, C#, VB.NET, and any other language that supports COM or .NET. Supported encryption here for more

Pre IP Blocking System is most enhanced anti fraud system. Block and control incoming site visitors Internet Protocols (IPs) and prevent your website from online frauds. This script allows website admin to block and unblock visitors Internet Protocols (IPs). Just enter a IP or range of IPs to block here for more

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