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HiPower-ASPScriptGuard is an IMMENSELY powerful & EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT tool for SECURING FILE PATHS of javascript & stylesheet (.js & .css) files in ASP pages. Hundreds of hours may be spent developing such scripts only for them to be snooped into and downloaded free of charge. here for more

This is an ASP component for use with the IIS Server. It allows you to hash, cipher and make checksum on strings and on files. It supports 22 types of hash, 5 checksums and 37 different ciphers. With this component you can make strong security pages, sign page or messages, made the programs to here for more

Encrypts any URL, in order to protect tags such as id, name, etc. The encrypted URL can be decrypted with the help of the available function. The algorithm has been built especially for web usage: It`s a non-symmetric solution, with these advantages: - Browser-secure encryption. All URL-characters here for more

Protect your intellectual property by obfuscating your ASP code, so that the code remains executable on the IIS server, but cannot be changed or extended by your customers. This is the only tool that applies an XMLHTTP based self test to every asp file changed. Goal is to guarantee, that the here for more

MailBee SSL is a plugin object which can be easily attached to core MailBee`s objects such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4. Once attached, the plugin forces these objects to communicate in SSL/TLS mode. The plugin also supports custom user certificates and stores, server certificate validation, connections here for more

Make ASP generated web content available only to you! This is the ASP version of mysql-login.php. I have added an extra parameter, specifying the database to log here for more

This script allows you to encrypt variables in a querystring. Easy to set up and use, it is a very quick way to encrypt your variables when you can`t pass them using a hidden form here for more

Chilkat Crypt is a royalty-free ActiveX component for use in your security-sensitive Windows applications and websites (ASP) to secure information and to authenticate and validate data integrity. It supports the latest cryptographic standards and technology including up to 256-bit Advanced here for more

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