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iisPROTECTvideo provides seamless integration for protecting streaming media served by Windows Media Server including audio and video. iisPROTECTvideo ties into the same database and interface as iisPROTECT or iisPROTECTquota allowing for a seamless administrative and end user experience. here for more

dgEncrypt is an implementation of the Rijndael block cipher, which has recently been selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for the U.S. government. The Rijndael cipher is a symmetric key block cipher, which is a type of here for more

VisualSoft SecureDev is a comprehensive suite of cryptographic and secure data communication components. The components in this suite include VisualSoft Crypt, VisualSoft CryptPlus, VisualSoft Mail, VisualSoft HTTP, VisualSoft XMLSecure, and VisualSoft FSecure. VisualSoft SecureDev suite can be here for more

a1asp.crypto is a component that provides a few functions for a simple encryption and a checksum here for more

This is the ASP Version of UA Block, which allows you to block user-agents you specify in the configuration from accessing your here for more

VisualSoft Crypt is an ActiveX DLL that provides a set of techniques for encrypting and decrypting of text and files such that the data can be stored and transmitted securely over the non-secure networks like the Internet. It supports various Industry-standard symmetric Cryptography methodologies here for more

This is a hardcore IP address filtering software for an ASP 3.0 website. It allows you yo block unlimited number of single IP addresses or ranges of IP`s (like entire dsl networks) to accomodate annoying users hiccuping IP addresses. Secures all asp files in an IIS 5 site and you don`t need to add here for more

FilterPlus™ is a unique and revolutionary IIS filtering product which lets ASP and web site developers accomplish web site access control, request filtering and monitoring/logging quickly and painlessly. Previously this has been accomplished by using C++ to create IIS filters, but with FilterPlus™ here for more

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