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Event log management is an important part of maintaining high uptime and availability of your critical systems. This simple script will monitor your event logs and send you an email if any serious errors occur. Script has an auto-ignore feature which will ignore re-occurring scripts if you`d like. here for more

ASPInfo displays useful information about your Windows server, detailed information of ASP objects (Application, Request, Response, Server and Session) and lists all components which are installed on that server. It also includes a diagnostic tool which is designed to aid you in developing and here for more

This script can detect installed components on your IIS. Useful for people without access to the server where you often don`t know what`s installed. No installation required, just download the script and run it from your site. Currently it checks for more than 700 components and the component-list here for more

Server Info is a program that`ll show all your server variables (over 60). It is password protected by default or not password here for more

Functions include: -List all databases -Check if database exists -Create database -Check if database user exists -Create here for more

ARKIIS is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators. ARKIIS presents IIS configuration information from the IIS MetaBase in the form of Trees, Tables and Views. All categories of information reported by ARKIIS are available across web servers and websites. ARKIIS assists in here for more

This set of components includes a timer and a thread sleep function along with system info reading like CPU speed and memory here for more

IISBW is a fast solution which allows you to display monthly bandwidth usage for each IIS website. The package consists of 2 parts: 1. Parsing JS script which uses MS LogParser. 2. ASP page which will show you here for more

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