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An ASP free Tell a Friend script which lets you email an article to a friend. It has other features, like Print Article or List Artile. When you use this script, an email is sent to the administrator and also to the friend. It supports many Email Components like CDONTS, ASPXP, PersitsASPMail, Jmail, here for more

Inexpensive, user site referal application that is easy for your site visitors to use. * You control the content of the email, and your visitors are secure in knowing that their data is NOT being collected against their wishes. Simple, and all you need! * As a bonus, with our Tell-a-Friend you can here for more

A tell a friend or send this page or email this page script written in ASP. Use the author`s site for mailing or install the script on your site. Give your site`s visitors an option to invite their friends and relatives to your here for more

PleaseTell is a unique site recommendation script written in ASP. It allows the user to choose how many friends email addresses he would like the reco to go out to. Plus the website user of this script gets a email with the details of the forms submitted by the visitor. Simple here for more

This is a simple application to give users the opportunity to rate your site and displays results in the form of bar charts (no graphics included). The source code contains a flexible configurable database. The application`s database is made up of four tables: Category: The table that contains the here for more

This is a simple Tell-A-Friend script. No scripting knowledge required. Edit the Mail message in .txt files to customize this script. Features email confirmation. Uses here for more

A recommend-it script that you can use for your website as well provide as a service to other website here for more

EasyReferAsp is a "tell a friend" script available in both CDonts and Jmail varieties. It allows multiple referrals to be conducted from the same form. Full and easy instructions included. Very easy to set here for more

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