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Create and administer online tests for yourself or you business. Add, Delete, or Edit online tests, Questions and Users. Users tracked by email/password. Full support to email test results to test taker, and test administrator. Create multiple tests, limit amount of times a test can be re-taken. Use...click here for more

This quiz script enables you to create, edit and delete quizzes from a built in admin panel. You can have up to five answers per question. It also tracks all quiz results and the dates taken. Access database as a backend....click here for more

WebQuiz XP is the new software product which allows you to create interactive HTML quizzes, tests and assessments that you can immediately answer on-screen or publish to the Internet. By using an easy wizard, you can enter the questions, add pictures and equations, define the options and then set th...click here for more

Create quizzes and collect valuable feedback easily and quickly with ASP FlashQuiz. You can integrate the quiz or survey seamlessly into your web pages. Choose to display all the questions on one page or over several pages. You could also configure the survey or quiz output to suit your application ...click here for more

A program for easily creating and maintaining online tests. Can load any number of questions with multiple choices and can set maximum number of questions to show and all questions are picked randomly and much more....click here for more

Measure user preferences and attitudes to know what your customers think. Test learning effectiveness through online quiz assessment. Any time, anywhere via the the Internet or your corporate intranet. Typical applications for easyT Survey and Assessment include: customer satisfaction surveys, produ...click here for more

eWebquiz is a web-based quiz maker designed to create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and true-or-false questionaires. It is used to create interactive web trivia, student exams, job evaluation, IQ testing, and distance learning. eWebquiz generates the quiz HTML and show the score and answers a...click here for more

Quiz Manager makes creating and administering online quizzes easier than ever. Create, modify, and delete quizzes with a single click of the mouse. Its password protected admin menu allows you to create, edit, and delete quizzes without having to worry about restricting access to certain users. Quiz...click here for more

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