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GrabNews is ASP code for `grabbing` and displaying RDF/RSS/Atom feeds on a website, and, if there is a podcast associated with an item, it will display an icon. It utilises XSLT and a database to store and display all the information required. Has user-friendly error messages as well as a very basic...click here for more

View and manage your online RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds anytime, anywhere with just a browser. ClickFeed is fully functional Active Server Pages (ASP) rss aggregator that is easily run from any existing web site that supports ASP!...click here for more

A component for scraping web pages and image (binary) files off remote web servers. Features: Retrieval of documents as strings; Retrieval of images (binary files) as binary data; Cookie support; Header support; POST Form support; SSL support; Proxy Server support; Immediate saving to disk....click here for more

aspWeather is a pure VBScript solution for obtaining live weather information from Weather.com for your ASP web site....click here for more

This ASP application will grab RSS and XML feeds and will display them on your website. RSS is a great way of providing up to date data on your site, including News, Entertainment or Blogs. NewsFeed will display any RSS/XML feed that complies with W3C Regulations (www.w3c.org)....click here for more

Component emulates the usage of Internet Explorer browser by the end user. By passing from one page to another, it is possible to imitate web-site usage and obtain information displayed in a web-browser window. For each page you can make screenshot, cut necessary parts of the image or make a thumbna...click here for more

This is an ASP Stock Ticker program that allows you to enter stock symbols and scroll the current quotes. It combines ASP, DHTML, and COM to create a message while script is loading....click here for more

myLittleGrabber is a .wsc component which allows to easily grab web sites META information from ASP pages. myLittleGrabber is very efficient when you want to create web sites directories. With myLittleGrabber, you can grab Title, Description or Keywords META information in order to pre-fill your sub...click here for more

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