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Website and web server monitoring, performance, and uptime management tool. Run this script on a schedule to monitor your website and webserver. Check as many websites as you want and compare them to a benchmark site you specify, an HTML report is automatically created, No IIS necessary to view the ...click here for more

Give those important pages of your site individual attention. Smart Referrer is a compact product that consists of only one optimized ASP page for all funtions including administration panel, comprehensive reports and help section. Very easy installation! You will just have to add an include file to...click here for more

Free software to countdown the days and weeks until your due date. Pick your due date and view days/weeks along and to go. Along with a progress bar for each trimester. Enter your baby`s name to personalize the countdown. Requires the free .NET Framework from Microsoft....click here for more

A simple way to log access to your pages to a MS Access database. Simple place one line of code on each page you would like to log. Stores date, time, page, ip, querystring, and username (if using windows authentication)....click here for more

ASP Stats Generator is a powerful application to track website activity. Includes lots of features and options to customize the application to own needs and to track detailed informations about clients, referers, search engines, traffic and countries. It`s available in differents languages including...click here for more

Website Stats created in asp. Using a Access Database or MySql database. Includes referring sites, visitor by country, top ip, top browser, by date, hour, month, or day of the week. Custom stat ranges so that you can find stats for any time period. Easy to use....click here for more

Web statistics software for tracking site visitors or auditing web application users. Bar charts are included for trend analysis. Records each visitor`s referrer and IP address for validating advertising investments. Visitor Tracking is unique among web statistics software because it connects all of...click here for more

Who are visit your homepage, when did they visit and where are they coming from? Tracks:Page views, Unique Visitors, Visits, Returning Visitors, Operating system, Browsers, Color depth, Screen resolution + much more......click here for more

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