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adXMLCls is an free ASP Class for reading and extracting information from XML files. The class holdes serveral functions to make your ASP website talk easier with XML files....click here for more

If you are thinking of becoming a Kelkoo Affiliate, then you will need to transform a live XML feed directly from Kelkoo in order to be able to provide your customers with the ability to search and browse through your feed. Whilst there are several ways of doing this, getting it intergrated into you...click here for more

Ektron eWebEditPro+XML empowers business users to author XML content in a Smart Web Forms like word-processor, shielding them from the complexities of XML, in both IE and Netscape. Ektron Smart Web Forms let developers strictly enforce content accuracy. Built-in flexibility allows for robust customi...click here for more

RSS2HTML Scout is an ActiveX .NET ready programming library that can add RSS reading functions into your application. Key Features: - No RSS or XML formats knowledge required; RSS, ATOM, RDF feeds support; - Non-Latin feeds support; - Built-in multi-threaded downloading engine; - Built-in cache to s...click here for more

Integrate this script into your website to get live shipping rates from FEDEX. It uses XML and returns all available rates all at once. No need to install DLLs!...click here for more

FuzzyRSS is an ASP class that you can use to easily create RSS output that others can syndicate or view using a newsreader such as NewsGator or Bloglines. FuzzyRSS makes it so you don`t actually have to deal with any RSS or XML yourself. Just set the properties, call the WriteRSS function, and you`r...click here for more

This is a small Web Application, this contains basic XML functions using ASP including a XML driven user authentication, adding new records, viewing records, editing and deleting records....click here for more

Miopages merges ASP3 + XML/HTML into a singular DOM, resulting in something very similar to a webpage executing DHTML - but on the server. - The ASP (Jscript) can access any elements like if it had been javascripts on the client, and manipulate their appearances and behaviors using DHTML-methods. Th...click here for more

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