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Innovated 3d web-based flash chat and messenger virtual world for your website.Our clientele will be able to add customized environments or select from our templates. Features : - Private and Public Messaging - Moderator options and ability to define mods - Unlimited/Limited room capacity allowance here for more

MPC Video Chat is a service we`re developing for the online entertainment industry. The service allows you to integrate into your website a high quality video/audio/chat system. Pay per minute tracking is supported. The system uses macromedia flash while the chat portion uses a Flash interface. here for more

This shoutbox have been updated with lots of new features. Auto Detect URL and emails in message and transform them into images/www. Can Add/Edit/Delete filters to replace unwanted words.Has admin area to manage shoutbox looks,passwords,alternati ng colors,words per message,Unban Ip`s and much here for more

Free live support . Add free live support to your website. Online request Alert, Good looking chat window. Do not required to install any here for more

The Maxtricity Tagger is a small ASP script that includes 3 pages for use, an Access Database for data storage, and a folder of smiley images. With this script, users can post small messages on your website for other users to read and respond to. It includes an admin section to edit and delete here for more

New interface making it easier than ever to change rooms, pm, create rooms, send emoticons. Upgraded admin interface. New setup file making installation easier than here for more

SpitOutBox is a very easy to use ASP script that serves as a guestbook/chat. Visitors at your site can quickly and easily leave a greeting or have small conversations. No database required. Anti spam function. Including full installation/configuration here for more

All ASP & HTML coding, no ActiveX or Java, Supports in chat private messaging, Customizable logo and page titles,Bad word filter, User formatting of comments (bold, underline, italic, color) and Emoticons. Full source code included, No complex coding required, Simple setup, Requires IE 5.0, NS here for more

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