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ASP Chat application that allows an unlimited number of rooms with moderators. Other features include: No Refresh, Ban Users, Foul Lanuage filter, Admin Screen, View/Print Conversations, Reports and here for more

ConquerChat is an HTML-based chat programmed using ASP. It features user list display, clean interface, optional cookie-based user tracking, multiple rooms and more. For it to run properly, you will need to modifiy your `global.asa` here for more

A chat script where your guests can register as members of your web site and chat each other. It is written in turkish, but contact the author for an english version. There is no mail component. Admin part is here for more

A shoutbox/tagboard where your visitors can leave a short message with a smiley. Uses an access database (included in the download) here for more

ASP source code for fast chat with no page refreshes. Written in ASP and DHTML only. No hidden java applets, frames or layers. Works with IE 4+ & Netscape 6+ on Win, Mac and Unix. Features: Admistration page and many customization parameters including Abusive words filter, Private messages, Can here for more

ASPMultiChat is a server-side component that adds chat capabilities to Internet Information Server (IIS) running on Windows NT(2000) platform. The component helps site builder to design chat site only by modifying the sample ASP files. The chat has all the necessary features: Private Messaging, here for more

AlohaPost is a cross-browser messageboard / chat program that enables users to communicate via your website. Easily configurable to compliment any website, it uses ASP, and DHTML to refresh the post screen. Also features language filters, auto archives, dynamic refresh, and more. It requires client here for more

This is a little database driven ASP chat bot that simulates a conversation with a sales assistant, here for more

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