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Ever wanted a way to track clicked links either internal or external, well now you can with this set of link tracking scripts. Ideal uses could be to track you banner advertising campaign clickthrus or track visitors leaving your site. This provides a great way to see how well your links are doing here for more

Have you ever wanted an easy way to find when and where your website visitors are clicking on links on your site? Ever wondered how may clicks a certain link or image is getting? Ever wanted to improve the ranking of your site in the search engines? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here for more

CodeAvalanche LinkTracker is asp script for tracking clicks. Using this script webmasters can mesure click throughs their links, count number of downloads or just hide links from prying here for more

Using CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage webmaster can automate link exchange, get valuable hits and boost page rank. Easy add and mantain database of your link partners. Show most valuable link partners first.Allow your visitors to submit new links.Approve submited links. View click through history for here for more

ASP script that can be used to track ad campaign URLs, measure effectiveness of each campaign, unlimitted categories, monitor clicks on various links or simply hide your affiliate links to protect your commissions from others. And, visitors can rate a link or URL. Script maintains a MS access here for more

IA-SiteRating makes it easier than ever to collect feedback from your website`s users. Let users vote on the usefulness of each individual page and you as the administrator can view a summary report of the feedback. Allows for users to leave a comments for the webmaster. This software is an easy to here for more

You can can use this to track how many people are going to certin area of a site. You can use these in AIM and can get ScreenNames. (i.e. ). You can email for questions or comments. here for more

StoreCombo EmailTracker allows you to create email campaigns and track how many of the emails have been read, links clicked, and users unsubscribed. All can be done within minutes. EmailTracker automatically generates reports, graphs, and click-through percentages for here for more

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